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Fantasy Iditarod Sign Ups

The deadline for mushers to withdraw from the Iditarod and still being eligible for a 53% refund of their sign up fee has now passed. (This year the entry fee has increased from US$1,860 to US$3,000, btw.) I'm therefore opening signups for the Fantasy Iditarod based on the current field, even though there's still the chance that people will drop out between now and then. (If this does happen to you, you can pick a replacement musher up until the race restart.)

How the Fantasy Iditarod will work:
You get to pick one veteran and one rookie (or if you only want a veteran or a rookie, you can do that too), and then you follow their progress through the race. Whoever picks the veteran and/or rookie musher who is the most successful from those selected for the Fantasy Iditarod gets glory, a nice warm glow, and possibly a banner. The person who picks the last musher from those selected for the Fantasy Iditarod to complete the course gets the Fantasy Red Lantern award. Hopefully, everyone gets to have fun!

If your pick scratches:
If one (or both, god forbid) of your choices scratches before the race restart (this is the competitive second start) you may select an alternative musher. Once the race begins, no substitutions can be made.
I will do my best to monitor the racer listing and notify you if your mushers have scratched, but I encourage you to keep an eye on the listings too, just in case.

How to sign up:
Comment below with the name and corresponding number for your veteran and your rookie musher. Please check the post listing and the comments above you to make sure someone else hasn't already claimed your musher. I will respond to confirm your sign up. Sign ups will run from now until the race restart, but mushers will be assigned on a first come basis, so I recommend you sign up earlier rather than later to avoid disappointment. After that time, sign ups will close and I will update this post to reflect that.

In the event that we have more sign ups than mushers, I will run a second Fantasy Iditarod. If the number of participants for the second Fantasy Iditarod are low enough, I may merge the two competitions. We'll see how it pans out.

Musher listing:
NB: I may have made a mistake that I haven't caught when putting this list together. If you notice anything wrong, please let me know.

Pick one veteran from the list below. You can read a profile of each musher by going here and clicking on their surname.

1. G.B. Jones - scratched, 1st of March.
2. Wayne Curtis
3. Jason Barron
4. Joe Garnie
5. Jessica Hendrinks - dan_lian
6. Eric Rogers
7. Hugh Neff - wolfwoman
8. DeeDee Jonrowe - heartmart
9. Lance Mackey - arctic_pup
10. Gerald Sousa
11. Jessie Royer - apex_chio
12. Gerry Willomitzer
13. Heather Siirtola
14. Matt Calore
15. Sue Allen
16. Warren Palfrey
17. Matt Hayashida
18. Silvia Willis
19. Ray Redington, Jr
20. Ken Anderson - chasingtides
21. Karen Ramstead
22. Mitch Seavey
23. Bruce Linton
24. Art Church, Jr
25. Aliy Zirkle - tokyofish
26. Clint Warnke
27. Martin Buser
28. Sigrid Ekran - dzurlady
29. Cim Smyth
30. Hans Gatt
31. Ed Iten - yak_boy
32. Ramey Smyth
33. Kjetil Backen
34. Jim Lanier
35. Aaron Burmeister - ackiesjunkie
36. Rick Casillo
37. Scott Smith
38. Jason Mackey
39. Zack Steer
40. Jeff King - strudders
41. Ryan Redington
42. Cliff Robertson
43. Steven Madsen
44. Racheal Scdoris - shamrockn_roll
45. Lachlan Clarke
46. Blake Freking
47. Rick Sewnson
48. Kelley Griffin
49. Louis Nelson, Sr
50. Fabrizio Lovati
51. Rick Larson
52. Paul Gebhardt
53. Sebastian Schnuelle - deed_11
54. Jon Korta
55. Robert Bundtzen
56. Allen Moore
57. William Hanes
58. John Baker
59. Cindy Gallea
60. John Stetson
61. Ed Stielstra
62. Trent Herbst
63. Peter Bartlett
64. Joe Runyan

Pick one rookie from the list below. You can read a profile of each musher by going here and clicking on their surname.

1. Jake Berkowitz -arctic_pup
2. Michael Suprenant
3. Deborah Bicknell - heartmart
4. Joe Gans
5. Kirk Barnum
6. Laura Daugereau
7. Rohn Buser - yak_boy
8. Rick Holt - jackiesjunkie
9. Gene L Smith
10. Jeff Deeter - tokyofish
11. Melissa Owens - apex_chio
12. Rudi Niggermier
13. Jennifer Freking
14. Zoya DeNure
15. Molly Yazwinski - dan_lian
16. Liz Parrish
17. Rodney Whaley
18. Robert Nelson
19. Tom Roig
20. Sven Haltmann - dzurlady
21. Anne Capistrant - deed_11
22. Sue Morgan
23. Dries Jacobs
24. Sam Deltour - shamrockn_roll
25. Richard Savoyski
26. Rich Corcoran - chasingtides
27. William Kleedehn
28. Darin Nelson
29. Benoit Gerard
30. Martin Koenig - wolfwoman
31. Kim Franklin - strudders
32. Benedikt Beisch

Feel free to discuss why you chose the mushers you did in your comment when you sign up!

Out of interest, here are the current musher stats:
Total mushers entered this year - 114
Total withdrawn so far - 18
Current number of mushers - 96 (we may well get a record number of starting mushers - previously, the biggest starting field was 84 mushers in 2004)

Number of veterans - 64
Number of rookies - 32
Number of females - 22
Number of males - 74
If you want to keep an eye on the musher stats, you can follow them at the bottom of the musher listing page.

You might find this article about the race sign ups to be interesting.
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