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Iditarod 2008

Welcome back to iditarod_race for 2008!

It 17 days from today until the start of the Iditarod for 2008! kaptainsarcasm has kindly let me take over the day to day running of the comm this year since she'll be too busy to take it all on, so if you have any problems I'm the one you should contact. Like last year, this community is open to those who are familiar with the Iditarod and those are not but would like to be.

Firstly, the Fantasy Iditarod will be returning again this year. I'll have a sign up post and more details up shortly. :) I'll also have some more info about the race up shortly, for anyone new to the race or is otherwise interested. Just below this post you should see an intro post, where people can introduce themselves to the other comm members and generally chat to each other.

Secondly, if you're reading this it's probably because you're still watching from last year, which is great! Please help me spread the word that we're back on this year, for everyone who's stopped watching or for everyone who missed us last year. The more the merrier! To help us all promote the comm, or just for you to celebrate your participation for the year, I've been creating some banners, which should be up shortly (as soon as I redo the work I lost when the power went out. *facepalm*) If you'd like to make some banners or icons of your own, that would be really cool too.

There are several other races happening around this time - the Yukon Quest started on the 10th, and the Jr Iditarod (for teens 14-17) starts on the 23rd. I won't be posting about them much (if at all) but any and all posts related to those races are most welcome!

Posting to the comm
Please feel free to post to the comm, as long as your post is in some way connected to the Iditarod! Posting is currently open, meaning anyone can post as long as they've joined the comm (and are not just watching it). If off topic posts become a problem then that might change, but I think we should be fine, based on last year's posts.

Examples of on topic posts - discussion of mushing strategy, the history of the race, links to media commentary on the race, discussion of volunteers, the route, the weather, past qualifying races, icon posts, etc, etc, are all fine. Intro posts should go here.
Not on topic posts - advertisements for other communities (unless you clear it with me first), or other posts as I see fit. Use your common sense.

In addition, please make sure you give credit for your posts if you're reposting something, with a link back to where you found it.

Contacting me:
To contact me:
- Email me at my lj addy - dzurlady at; or
- Comment to any post I make to this community; or
- Comment to this post (if you don't feel comfortable being off topic)

Useful links
Official Site
- Official site - musher listing
- Official site - race map
- Official site - press releases and Official site - Internet News Digest (you can friend the feed on lj here at iditarod_news)
- Official site - weather conditions

Wikipedia article
Sled Dog 101 - iditarod_race post by kaptainsarcasm
Info about the Red Lantern - iditarod_race post by kaptainsarcasm
Info about the races of the mushing season - link from silveroonmyst

Please comment below with any other cool links you have!

Any other questions or suggestions you want to make for this year's iditarod? Comment below!
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