JR (jrlazar4) wrote in iditarod_race,

Lance earning stud fees

I received this note from a friend who's step-daughter is a neighbor of Lance's:

We just talked to Michelle, and she said that all the neighbors are joking about buying Lance Mackey a lawn chair so he can sit and watch his dogs mate!  Apparently, people are paying $1000 stud fees to Lance if he lets his males mate with their females!  He is making a lot of money from stud service, not to mention the $60,000 for winning the race, and the new truck.  He will also, according to Michelle, never have to buy his own dog food again.  And, the best part...she says he is a really nice guy.  Some of the other mushers she knows who do the Iditarod are kind of conceited, but not Lance.  The guy who came in 6th is also her neighbor, and she knows Jeff King, too.
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